About Me

I was born, raised, and did my schooling back and forth between Chicago and Salt Lake City, both cities and regions that I love. However, my wife, two daughters, and I have been in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade and plan never to leave. I love medicine and believe it’s a privilege to care for and accompany folks during some of the watershed moments of their lives.

About my practice

In addition to the usual medical and surgical challenges, anesthesiologists have an important social and emotional challenge to rapidly connect with and inspire confidence in people with whom they don't have a long relationship, and I enjoy that challenge. I have specific interests and have done research in anesthesia for same-day surgery, acute pain management, and nerve blocks. I believe that some of the nerve-blocking techniques that we use are among the most elegant forms of anesthesia and pain management, and I try to use them whenever appropriate.

How I thrive

Family is very important to me, and I spend free time with my wife and daughters bicycling, cooking, entertaining, eating tasty cheeses, reading, hiking, and playing vigorous and sometimes violent games of Scrabble. In my early twenties, I lived in Spain for two years, and we enjoy traveling as a family when we can. I've done medical missions to Peru and Ecuador. I also volunteer doing science demonstrations at our local children's museum, where my wife is the executive director.