About Me

I was born and raised in Punjab, India, until my teenage years. I moved from India to San Antonio, Texas, with my parents and siblings and finished high school there. I attended the University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate degree and went on to attend University of Texas Southwestern, in Dallas, for medical school. I was drawn to medicine to provide service to those who are in need. In medical school, I saw the immediate impact I could have on patients as an orthopedic surgeon. I finished my residency training at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, where I learned from some of the pioneers in orthopedic surgery education. I became interested in joint replacement and traumatology during my training. This led me to obtain a fellowship in joint replacement at the premier University of Western Ontario in Canada. I believe it’s a privilege to practice medicine as an orthopedic surgeon.

About my practice

My surgical interests include hip and knee reconstruction/replacement, including partial, primary, complex primary, and revision replacements. From a care standpoint, I believe in a holistic approach to arthritis and joint conditions, with surgery being the last resort. From a surgical standpoint, my goals are to improve my patients’ quality of life and get them back to the activities that are important to them. I believe that exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle is important before and after the surgery for a good surgical outcome, and good health. My goal is to do the surgery in the least invasive way to get my patients moving again as quickly as possible. I see patients with various orthopedic conditions affecting the hip and the knee, including but not limited to osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, inflammatory arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis. As an orthopedic surgeon, working for Kaiser Permanente allows me to deliver excellent patient-centered care without the financial pressures that a surgeon may feel in private practice.

How I thrive

I believe in exercising both my body and my mind daily, although it is sometimes hard to accomplish this working in the medical field. I enjoy various activities including running, strength training, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding and playing tennis. I also enjoy good food. In fact, my outdoor and food interests brought me to Portland. I like to meditate and listen to keertan (Sikh hymns) to exercise and relax my mind. I also enjoy dancing – particularly Bhangra (an upbeat folk dance from Punjab). I really enjoy spending time with my family, particularly my seven nephews and nieces. I like watching sports, including the NBA, college football and the NFL.