About Me

Born in Ontario, Oregon, I grew up in the Army. I returned to college at University of Oregon at age 28, began medical school in Des Moines, Iowa, at 32, and completed Oregon Health & Science University's rural family medicine residency at age 41.

About my practice

I believe in treating each person as a thinking individual, and helping them to identify the best pathways to good health. A 1939 book, The Modern Home Physician, best describes my medical philosophy: "[A]s a rule, health does not come out of a bottle, no matter how well-advertised its contents may be ... [A]n elegant pharmaceutical wrapped in cellophane is not a substitute for the correction of improper habits and diet, nor for the lack of proper exercise and rest."

How I thrive

In my off time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and our two cats. I enjoy sewing, reading, and sculpting. Bicycling, yoga, and camping are all pursuits that help me to recharge my energy.