About Me

My parents are terrific inspirations to me. Both grew up very poor during the Great Depression and had parents who stressed the importance of hard work and education. My mother is my greatest role model, and I am grateful for the lessons in kindness that she taught me and for the sacrifices she made so that I could complete my schooling. My father served in the Pacific in World War 2, studied under the GI Bill, and became a great scientist with NASA. I also have 2 wonderful sisters and their families. I lost my own life-love years ago to cancer but have stepsons and their lovely children to adore--and my very precious dog. I am originally from Washington, D.C., and later, Honolulu and Austin, Texas; I attended college and graduate school at the University of Texas and medical school at Texas A&M. Then, for a change of climate, I moved to the Midwest to complete my residency training at the University of Wisconsin. There I became a devoted Bucky Badger fan and learned all about life in the Midwest—which I simply loved. I stayed for 21 years. When the time came to move closer to family, I found new joy living the easy life in Salem. But no, I do not miss the snow—and certainly not the mosquitoes.

About my practice

There is something to love in every child, and I like helping parents remember this during difficult phases. I enjoy watching kids and families grow, and some of my greatest fun is seeing the adults that children become. I love their interests, their personalities, their moods, their problems, and their families. Strong families, coupled with strong communities and schools, make beautiful children. I like caring for babies, children, teens, and young adults and am thrilled to offer aid during all of these transitions.

How I thrive

I love to garden, watch birds, travel, dine with family and friends, and golf. I am most proud of completing a pair of American Birkebeiner races. The Birkie, as it's known, is a 50-55 kilometer cross-country ski race in Wisconsin. I also have 9 marathons under my belt. That's not saying much here in "track land," but for me--more of a tortoise than a hare--they felt like huge accomplishments. In fact, back in 1976 I owned one of the earliest pairs of Nike waffle trainers. They were blue with a yellow swoosh! I am a fan of classical music. I wish I had an ear for languages as I would like someday to visit every country in the world. I also hope to see every National Park in the United States and observe the aurora borealis.