About Me

I was born on the U.S. Mainland and spent most of my childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. During college I decided to double major in Spanish and History which later allowed me to live and work in Mexico as well as Central and South America. By learning the language and immersing myself in the communities there, I developed an affinity for the people and cultures, which I believe gives me a stronger connection with my Spanish-speaking patients today.

About my practice

I have always had a strong desire to care for others. Having traveled so much so early on in my life, I have found that the one thing people around the world universally need is medical care. Being an Ob/Gyn physician, I enjoy watching my patients grow, change and develop throughout their lifetimes. I also appreciate the miracle of birth and love seeing new generations of our island families becoming a part of our community. It is a rewarding experience to be a doctor with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group because I get to work with a diverse group of physicians who are passionate about their specialties and the care they deliver. I believe in giving my patients all of the information they need to make well informed medical decisions together with them. When I help my patients learn how to care for themselves, I feel one step closer to achieving the kind of preventive care Kaiser Permanente is all about. Learning about the member as an individual helps strengthen our relationship which in turn helps me deliver better care. From my early travel experiences and work with underserved populations, I cultivated an interest in addiction medicine. In 2011, I was honored to become one of the few Ob/Gyn physicians in the United States who are board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

How I thrive

I enjoy swimming and scuba diving. I love to travel and take underwater photography.