About Me

I had the great fortune to spend a college year abroad in Nepal, and it was there that I became interested in a career in women’s health care. I get to spend my whole day listening to interesting women! I grew up in Montana and was drawn to Colorado by the outdoor beauty we get to live in (with better winters).

About my practice

The things our bodies do, and the medical care system itself, can often be confusing. My goal as a physician is to share information about how our bodies work, how to keep them as healthy as possible, and the options to address the issues that you’re dealing with. I really value the focus on preventive care that Kaiser Permanente offers and enjoy working with other members of the care team to coordinate your care. I'm also a big fan of our electronic medical record because it gives me a more holistic picture of your health.

How I thrive

I love the time I spend with an NGO that is working to improve maternity care in Nepal. Locally, I volunteer with the homeless outreach project in my community. Both of these activities renew my perspective and my gratitude. I recover my energy with reading, yoga and cycling.