About Me

Raised in an Appalachian mill town north of Pittsburgh, I first pondered becoming a doctor while growing up down the street from my hometown hospital, where my mother worked as a nurse. Years later, during college, I studied Portland in an urban planning course and grew deeply interested in living in Oregon. After college, I spent a couple years travelling around Asia and teaching English to Chinese children and adults. During this time, I met the woman who has become my wife. In time, we moved back to America and settled in Portland, where I attended medical school at OHSU. After residency, I joined Kaiser Permanente's Department of Family Medicine and have worked at the Mt. Scott Medical Office, on the Sunnyside campus, since 2005. While we greatly enjoy travel, these days my wife and I spend most of our time at home with our daughter, enjoying Portland. After our daughter goes to bed, I spend most evenings reading, especially public affairs and natural history. I am a member of several professional and community organizations, including the American Academy of Family Medicine, the Oregon Academy of Family Medicine and the City Club of Portland. Since early 2011, I have served as Kaiser Permanente's regional chief for family medicine in Oregon and Washington.

About my practice

A family doctor devotes years of training to learn the skills and knowledge needed to provide comprehensive primary care to the whole family. I provide primary care to patients of every age - from birth to the end of life. Whether managing childhood illnesses, adolescent injuries, or any of the many chronic diseases of middle and later life, my goal is always to provide the best quality care possible. While I very much enjoy working with patients as individuals, I particularly enjoy getting to know entire families. Supported by Kaiser Permanente's advanced technology and computer-based patient care resources, and working closely with my specialist colleagues, I strive to be a familiar face and a dependable home base to my patients within the Kaiser Permanente system. I try hard to encourage healthy choices and emphasize preventative care. I perform a variety of office-based orthopedic and dermatologic procedural treatments for my patients, including joint injections and skin biopsies.

How I thrive

I strive to maintain a healthy balance in life, seeking a rich private life while also remaining dedicated to serving as the personal physician for each of my patients. Raised to value hard work, personal integrity, healthy habits and devotion to family, I try to cultivate moderation in all things. A philosophy major in college, I try to approach life with circumspection, seeking a balance between work and family, and also between spontaneity and familiar routine. Watching my daughter grow and learn every day reminds me that even life's smallest moments feature little delights and new discoveries. Talking everyday with patients and learning about their lives reminds me that the world offers an amazing variety of things to see and do in a lifetime. I thrive by trying to take the time to appreciate these little life lessons as they present themselves to me both at work and at home, on even the busiest days.