About Me

I am a Colorado native, born to European immigrants who had very little educational opportunity. Medicine allows me not only to live up to the opportunity that I was given, but to share the values that I was taught by my parents and my love for science in one career.

About my practice

I practice general gastroenterology and hepatology, helping patients who suffer from a variety of gastrointestinal and liver disorders and providing other patients the tools to stay healthy. I like to engage you in your care by providing the information that allows you to be active in making decisions and understanding recommendations. I listen to understand your questions and concerns, and respect you as a partner in maintaining your health. I work as a team with our providers, pharmacists and others to coordinate your care.

How I thrive

My faith and family are my focus outside of work and a source of great strength and happiness. In my free time, I enjoy reading (particularly philosophy, science and history), the outdoors and cooking.