About Me

I moved to Kaiser Permanente with my wife in 2013 after over 20 years of affiliation with trauma centers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This has been the fulfillment of long awaited goal. Here I have an opportunity to practice my training in Neurology and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation to serve our patients recovering from brain injury and other neurological impairments. I serve as the Inpatient Liaison Consultant to Physiatry (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) and also have an outpatient practice at the Sunnybrook Medical Office. Portland, Oregon and vicinity is the perfect home for my family and our Siberian Huskies, providing a wealth of water and mountain activities to enjoy when I am not pursuing service with Northwest Permanente Physicians.

About my practice

In the practice of Neurological Rehabilitation, my primary focus is managing patients recovering from acquired traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries, including so-called "mild brain injury". Mild brain injury makes up 90% of all concussive syndromes and can have more prolonged and serious implications than is widely appreciated. I am committed to using a comprehensive approach to patient care including multiple Occupational, Speech and Physical therapies, Neuro Psychology and Neuro Optometry. In addition to skilled therapist interventions, there are many medications that offer potential benefit in the complex management of mild and severe post-concussive syndromes.

How I thrive

Physical activity in the outdoors of the great Pacific Northwest has been a tremendous boost to the satisfaction of living here. Compared to the Southeast United States, the relatively bug free and clean air has opened 4 seasons of opportunity for my me and my family to enjoy life in a balance with work.