About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I'm happy to have this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you about my practice. I feel very fortunate to work at Kaiser Permanente. I work with outstanding colleagues and enjoy my interactions with members very much.


I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin and I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. I owe a lot to my mother's influence—she always believed that medicine was the noblest profession someone could pursue. My family and I came to Southern California when I decided to pursue a fellowship in addiction medicine in 2003. My wife and I fell in love with the beautiful weather and the wonderful people we met—so we decided to stay. I’m happily married and we have a bright and healthy son. I love to ride bikes with my family. We also enjoy family game night or just watching TV or videos together.

About my practice

My specialty is Addiction Medicine. I treat those who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse. My members need to know there’s a place where their addiction problem is understood, and that there are people who can compassionately and honestly help them. That place is here at our Chemical Dependency Recovery Program (CDRP). I believe addiction is a disorder that, with effective treatment, can be managed successfully over one's lifetime.

How I thrive

My life is very much centered around my family—my wife and my teenage son. I gain a great deal of joy and satisfaction by strengthening my connections with my family on a regular basis. We enjoy outings to the beach or the mountains, and also just hanging around at home watching TV together or playing a board game. I exercise regularly and make every effort to remain true to myself and my beliefs.