About Me

Welcome! I may be the physician caring for you if you need to be seen in the Emergency Department. A visit to the ED is never pleasant, but I hope to make yours as reassuring and helpful as possible.


I was raised in San Diego and was a “Kaiser Permanente Kid” growing up. My first doctors gave me my first glimpse of the medical profession. I decided to become a doctor later than most. After being exposed to work inside an emergency room, I came to love the pace and the constantly changing environment.

About my practice

As with all emergency physicians, my practice is about variety—in people, in symptoms, in medical issues, and in co-workers. No two days are ever alike. It makes for interesting times! Emergency medicine is all about teamwork, and it is remarkable how well things come together.

How I thrive

Recently relocated from New York City, I find myself craving nature and space. My love of skylines has been replaced by a love of landscapes. I especially like the view of—and from—the mountains surrounding our Inland Empire. The view at night of the lighted valley is one of my favorites.