About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I'm happy to be able to introduce myself. I enjoy my affiliation with Kaiser Permanente because it allows me to work with wonderful colleagues. As a hospital doctor, I care for our members who are hospitalized.


I had wanted to be a doctor from the time when I was just a kid. Studying medicine and practicing it for the last 22 years has strengthened my conviction to do my best to provide high-quality medical care with a human touch. Family, respect, honesty, hard work, and dedication are my core values, which I strive to implement in my personal and professional life.

About my practice

As a hospital physician specializing in internal medicine, I work closely with the hospital team (physician consultants, nurses, case managers, etc.) to help ensure that the care and comfort we provide our patients is of a high quality. I like to implement my core values of dedication, respect, and honesty in the work environment as well. I like to establish good communication between my patients, their families, and the hospital team.

How I thrive

Thriving physically and emotionally is the goal and moderation is the key. Eating healthy, thinking positively, and exercising help to keep the mind and body healthy. My family life is one of my priorities. I love to spend time with my husband, my parents, and my children. Watching them and being a part of their lives gives me strength and purpose.