About Me

I was born and raised in Glen Cove, New York on Long Island. I received my first bachelor's degree in biomedical sciences and a second bachelor’s degree in medicine—my physician assistant degree—at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When my wife and I vacationed in Hawaii a number of years ago we were instantly taken by the beauty of the islands, the local culture, and the friendly people. We agreed then and there that this was where we wanted to live and raise our family. When an opportunity arose to work with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group (HPMG), we knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfill our dreams. Moving here was a great decision for us, and we’ve enjoyed every day of our time spent in this wonderful place.

About my practice

Medicine is the perfect blend of art, science, and humanity. Surgery introduces the element of craftsmanship and the opportunity to literally have a hands-on connection with patients. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to help people in this way. As a specialty, I find cardiothoracic surgery to be truly amazing.

To stay current in medicine I attend professional conferences in Hawaii and on the mainland, read journals, access online resources, and participate in continuing education programs. I also belong to the Association of Physician Assistants in Cardiovascular Surgery and the American Association of Physician Assistants, two professional educational organizations that help keep me up-to-date in my field and in medicine generally.

I was thrilled to join HPMG. Not only did this allow me and my wife to live and work in paradise, but it's given me the chance to practice with experts in a wide range of medical specialties and to learn from them about best practices and latest developments. Great support staff and modern technology, especially the Kaiser Permanente electronic medical record, help me to be my very best as a provider.

I believe that all patients should receive the individual attention they need and deserve. I enjoy taking time to reassure patients and make sure they understand what’s happening with their care, how they’re progressing, and what results they can expect.

How I thrive

To de-stress and revitalize when I’m away from work I enjoy cooking, gardening, playing on my computer, and spending time with my family.