About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am a neonatologist. Neonatology is a specialized field of pediatrics that treats newborns with medical problems. This training is done after finishing a residency in pediatrics for three years. I have been a neonatologist for the past 14 years.


I am from Pakistan. After finishing school, I completed my internship in pediatrics and then my specialization in neonatology. I worked as an attending pediatrician in Iran for seven years before coming to the United States in 1993. I completed my residency and fellowship in New York and New Jersey, and then moved to the West Coast in 2001. I really enjoy taking care of my tiny patients.

About my practice

As a neonatologist, I handle complex medical problems. I provide medical care to newborns who are born prematurely, critically ill, or in need of surgery. I am acutely aware that parents have entrusted me with the care of their most precious family member—their newborn infant. I strive to listen to, understand, and respond to parental concerns.

How I thrive

Like all working adults, I sometimes find it's a challenge to keep balance in my life, but I try to do that by spending my free time reading and biking with my four bikes. I also have two motorcycles, including my precious Harley. During the past two years I got my self into singing and believe myself to be a good singer. (other people disagree).