About Me

I grew up in Denver, trained on the East Coast, lived in the Northwest and then returned to Denver more than 20 years ago and started working with Kaiser Permanente. Most of my current time is spent with my medical practice and my wonderful family. Prior trips around the world have now been replaced with something even more valuable – being a husband and parent to our two wonderful daughters. I stay in shape by skiing, hiking and exercising. I enjoy different languages and speak Spanish and am currently learning Russian. I've played jazz piano for many years and enjoy sitting down and playing some tunes by myself or with friends.

About my practice

I am very fortunate to be a pediatrician. Being able to work with children and teens from birth to 18 years old is such a great thing. Helping children, teens and their families with their health never ceases to be interesting and gratifying. I have found that the best care occurs when the patient, their families, the physician and the rest of the health care team all come together and work together to maintain or improve health. One unique aspect of my practice is that I do speak Spanish and care for many Spanish-speaking families.

How I thrive

There are many ingredients to a good life. Health and wellbeing are all about balance, and this is something I strive, not always successfully, to achieve. I also think that maintaining a strong curiosity and love of learning is so important. Eating healthy and staying active goes a long way. Having good friends and a loving family is such a gift. Finally, a sense of humor is so helpful.