About Me

I would like to give you a warm welcome to my Web page. I hope this will help you get to know me, as I’m always interested in getting to know you.


I grew up in San Diego and went to UC San Diego for my undergraduate education. I knew since I was 8 years old that I wanted to be a doctor. I always envisioned myself caring for everyone, young and old, just like my own doctor did. For this reason, I decided to become a family practitioner. I love practicing medicine and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

About my practice

My philosophy is member education. I think that you are the best advocate for your own health. As your doctor, I want to work with you as a team so we can achieve the best outcome. The nurses and staff I work with are also part of that team, and we all work together to help you be as healthy as you can be. I like to treat each member with the same kind of care I would like to receive. For this reason, I try to take my time with every member. Your health is the most important thing to me.

How I thrive

I’m the busy mom of twin boys. I live a very active life with work, family, and friends, all balanced out. I always try to leave some time every month for just me. That means going shopping, getting my hair done, or just going for a walk. My friends and I also make it a point to get together at least once a month, which is very therapeutic for me.