About Me

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and have wanted to practice medicine as long as I can remember; my father is a retired general surgeon, and I have always admired his work ethic. I trained in emergency medicine in East Lansing, Michigan, and have practiced in Chicago, Santa Fe, and Portland.

About my practice

Emergency medicine is my passion! I have worked in inner city hospitals, trauma centers, a veterans hospital, and community centers. I thoroughly enjoy the variety of patients and understand that whatever our socioeconomic background, in the emergency department we all help one another stay healthy.

How I thrive

I moved to Portland in 2011 to enjoy the outdoors and to go hiking with Lucky Dog, my hound dog. Since that time I have given birth to twins and spend most of my time tooling around town with them or taking trips to the coast, going out hiking, or eating at one of Portland's yummy food carts.