About Me

I grew up in a small farming community in central Wisconsin. From there, I went on to study at the University of Wisconsin before attending the Medical College of Wisconsin. After completing medical school, my wife and I decided to try a new area of the country and left the Midwest to move to Oregon. I did my residency at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) followed by a year as a primary care physician at Kaiser Permanente. During my training, I developed a strong interest in caring for patients with kidney disease and hypertension and returned to OHSU for fellowship training in Nephrology. Having fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest, my family and I decided to stay and we have been very happy with our decision.

About my practice

I care for patients that have kidney disease or difficult to control hypertension. I see a spectrum of patients, from those with moderate kidney disease to patients that need kidney replacement therapy with dialysis or transplant. I enjoy this field because it allows me to follow patients over time and hopefully get to know them as people.

How I thrive

Outside of work, I am very busy with my daughter and son. We love biking, hiking, camping and enjoying the outdoors.