About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. My name is Dr. Beckie Roy. I am an obstetrician/gynecologist at Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center with my clinic located in Whittier.


I was born and raised in Southern California and loved growing up where I could enjoy the outdoors year-round. I completed medical school and residency training in Dallas, TX, and I am happy to be back home near family. My husband and I are enjoying the wonderful outdoor activities, including biking and hiking with our daughter.

About my practice

As an obstetrician/gynecologist, I take care of women throughout their lifespan—from adolescence, through pregnancy, menopause, and beyond! I love the variety present in my specialty—both clinic and the operating room. I strive always to develop a close and trusting relationship with my patients and enjoy caring for them during some of the most meaningful times in their lives.

How I thrive

I thrive by staying active—exercise is great for the body and mind. My husband and I also enjoy cooking together and hope to have better luck gardening in California than we did in Texas!