About Me

I grew up in a mining town in China, received my bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Tonji University in Shanghai, China. My grandfather was one of only three western medicine doctors in the county he lived in. My other grandfather sold Chines herbal medicine for a living. Many of my uncles and cousins are doctors or dentists. Medicine is part of my family tradition but I was not expected to become one. I grew up during the great culture revolution period. I’ve been able to go to college, which was considered very lucky. I moved to the United States in the 1990’s. Just as many immigrants did, when I moved to this great county I faced a great deal of challenge yet opportunity. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in nursing from Regis University in Denver in 1995 and worked as a registered nurse. I received my Master of Science in nursing from the University of Colorado Health and Sciences Center in 2004. I started my nurse practitioner career with Kaiser Permanente Colorado in 2005. I have a husband and a daughter. Chinese is my first Language.

About my practice

I do believe prevention and knowledge are important in good health and I do emphasize both in my daily practice.

How I thrive

I like to travel as well as knit sweaters.