About Me

I joined Kaiser Permanente in 1989. I’m excited about this new era of technology. It allows members to make better-informed decisions and allows clinicians to more effectively take care of you. Hopefully this Web page will let you get to know me a bit better as you look for the right health care provider.


I initially trained as a pharmacist at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Later, I realized I could do more as a physician, so I attended medical school and received specialty training in obstetrics/gynecology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My wife is a retired pharmacist. One of my sons is pursuing his postgraduate education and my other son is living in Alaska. The entire family loves to travel, so we try to go to different parts of the world every year.

About my practice

I am a strong believer in minimally invasive surgery. With all the new technology available, we can now more safely perform complicated hysterectomies, pelvic prolapse surgeries, and even some early cancer surgery. After going home, members often comfortably return to favorite activities in a relatively short period of time. I also act as one of the teachers of minimally invasive surgery here at the Fontana Medical Center.

How I thrive

As I mentioned above, I enjoy planning and taking trips to various parts of the world. My wife has gotten me into spin classes and yoga, and my shoulder is able to withstand at least one game of squash each week. Biking and volleyball at the beach are our other favorite pastimes. We also enjoy going to the movies and participating in a book club.