About Me

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is also where I attended medical school. I had a very unique opportunity while in medical school to spend some time with my grandparents at a time when my grandfather was dying and my grandmother was his caregiver. I saw the progression of disease through the eyes of a patient and his caregiver during this pivotal time in my education. It was clear to me after this experience that I wanted to practice in the field of geriatrics. My interest in psychiatry came later as I found the science behind the field to be fascinating. I feel privileged and humbled every day that my patients let me into their lives and allow me to care for them. I was honored to be recognized as a 5280 Magazine Top Doctor in 2017 and 2018.

About my practice

I love Kaiser Permanente's focus on preventive care. I believe it is important to give our patients the tools they need to learn about their health and to empower them to strive for wellness. I believe that teaching is a very important part of medicine. My role as a clinician is not just to diagnose or treat, but to teach my patients and their families about their condition. I really enjoy this aspect of my job. I also appreciate the importance of interdisciplinary care in medicine. I want to learn from my colleagues in other disciplines and have a chance to teach and collaborate with them. I believe this helps us all provide better care.

How I thrive

Keeping up with my 4 little boys definitely keeps me active! They challenge me every day and keep me on the go. I have always enjoyed jogging. For me, it is a great way to get exercise, relieve some stress, and enjoy the outdoors. I also try to fit in a few races a year, just for fun! Our family enjoys hiking together and we feel very lucky to have access to Colorado's vast, beautiful open space. We also love to travel. It is always interesting to see new places and learn about different cultures.