About Me

I have worked for Kaiser Permanente for 30 years, and after all that time, I still value the mission of affordable, quality health care delivery. I learn every day from my clients as they reveal their resilience to whatever adversity they have encountered.

About my practice

I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients and concerns/conditions. I take a present day focus more than a historical approach to problems and symptoms. I trust other Kaiser Permanente providers to take excellent care of my patients if I'm not available. My goal is to provide the most appropriate care for my patients, so they aren't spending extra time or money to get the care they deserve. I really like to incorporate humor into my work with clients, but not at anyone's expense.

How I thrive

I am a big Game of Thrones fan, and currently I am reading the Gabriel Allon book series. We have a one year old labradoodle named Van and so far, we have proudly refused any attempts to train him.