About Me

I am a native Georgia peach, born and raised in Atlanta. I chose to work in this area because I am extremely close to my mother and the rest of my family who live in Atlanta and surrounding areas. I have six godchildren and a host of nieces and nephews who affectionately refer to me as "Auntie." I am a board certified physician practicing in family medicine since 2001. I chose the field of medicine because I have a genuine passion for healing the sick, serving the community and educating others about disease prevention. More specifically, I chose family medicine as my specialty because I enjoy developing relationships with my patients and treating generations of families. I am blessed to have a career that I absolutely adore. I do not take the privilege of being a physician lightly. One of my favorite quotes written by Mark Twain states, "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why." I know that I was born to be a physician, and I am excited to spend the rest of my life fulfilling my purpose.

About my practice

I specialize in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions including, but not limited to: hypertension, diabetes, weight loss, preventive health, physical examinations and a plethora of other medical conditions. Since the field of medicine is constantly changing, I practice evidence-based medicine, which means that I integrate my individual clinical expertise with the best research evidence available when determining the right treatment plan for our members. I have received many prestigious honors and awards in my field including the 2015 Pinnacle Leadership Award in the area of medicine from the Fortitude Educational and Cultural Development Center, as well as the 2012 Young Physician Award from the Atlanta Medical Association, which is one of the oldest physician organizations in the world. I formerly served in the role of president and chair of the board of the Atlanta Medical Association, of which I am still an active member. I am also a member of the Georgia State Medical Society and National Medical Association.

How I thrive

I live by the adage "practice what you preach," so I feel that it is imperative for me to implement the same lifestyle that I am recommending for our members. Therefore, I participate in vigorous cardiovascular exercise for 45-60 minutes at least four days a week, and I eat a balanced and healthy diet (most of the time). Also, I am extremely active in my church where I teach, sing in the choir and serve on the Health and Fine Arts Ministry. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, traveling, dancing, watching shows on my DVR and beating opponents in Words with Friends.