About Me

I started my academic career in science and have a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a master’s degree in chemistry. As an extroverted individual, however, I prefer working with people to working with test tubes — and thus found that the field of medicine is well suited to my strengths. My family and I come from central Washington state but claim the greater Pacific Northwest as our home. We love living in the Portland area — spending quality time at the coast and among the mountains. I received my medical training at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences and completed my residency at Family Medicine of Southwest Washington.

About my practice

As a hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente, I enjoy caring for acutely sick patients and connecting with families in a meaningful way. As a physician, I am a proponent of systematic and team-based care — believing that, in our complicated world, collaboration is paramount to safety and the best patient outcomes.

How I thrive

I view self-care as an investment of time, working to build the “best me” so that I can be the best husband, father, and physician that I can be. Taking care of myself includes spending time with my wife and our children, training for and competing in triathlons and marathons, skiing, traveling, and hiking. Working toward being my best and most authentic self allows me to be present with my family and provide the best possible care to my patients.