About Me

I am a native of Veracruz, Mexico. I obtained a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University, with a specialization in children and families. I lived in Arizona until 2013, when I decided to move to Portland. I have two adult children, both in college. I love to work with children and adolescents and consider it a privilege to care for them. I enjoy cooking, laughing, dancing, reading, watching documentaries and independent films, exercise, and knitting.

About my practice

I am a child and family therapist and have more than 10 years working with youth. Human behavior fascinates me, given the multiple and complex layers that form our lives: developmental, social, biological, and cultural, to mention a few. I believe in a desire for growth, personal meaning, and resiliency. Being an immigrant has helped me to understand acculturalization and conflicts between generations and subcultures, as well as other dynamics within the family system.

How I thrive

I believe in the interdependence of mind, body, and spirit. I am active, both physically and mentally. I start my day with one hour of exercise and 45 minutes of reading and meditating. At night, I stretch to be able to relax and sleep for at least eight hours, and I again meditate for 10 minutes. I am still working toward mindful eating, but I strongly believe that I am what I eat, and it will show in my thoughts, actions, and feelings.