About Me

I am a transplanted Midwesterner and love living in Oregon. After college, I originally intended to become an ecologist, but midway through graduate school I felt that such a path would not be fulfilling. After some soul-searching and volunteering in a local emergency room, I went to medical school in Indiana, and thoroughly enjoyed both the intellectual challenge of medicine and working with patients in need. I came to Oregon for residency, and fell in love with the Northwest. I left after training to serve with the Indian Health Service in Oklahoma, but returned to Oregon when I finished my service there. And now, rather suddenly it seems, I find myself one of the more senior clinicians at Skyline Medical Office. It has been and continues to be quite an enjoyable ride!

About my practice

As an internist I take care of adults, in large part working with elderly patients with various chronic conditions. I find that maintaining a long term relationship with patients increases my understanding of their experiences, and thus better enables me to assist them in addressing health issues. I find the experience richly rewarding. Kaiser Permanente's integrated model allows me to more comprehensively manage my patients' medical care, with help from specialists as needed. Our electronic medical record markedly improves the coordination of care, and helps assure that patients receive appropriate follow up and preventive measures when needed.

How I thrive

Outside of work I try to remains fit and active. I enjoy running, hiking and snowshoeing. We also try to spend several days each August kayaking in the San Juan Islands. My wife and I are now empty nesters, with one son in medical school and plans for military service, and the other a computer jockey living in Portland.