About Me

My family moved to Colorado after I finished my medical training and we have been here almost 15 years. We love everything about Colorado! I am married with three kids, which keeps me happy and busy outside of work. I love what I do and am most proud of using my neuroradiology skills to help the patients and physicians I serve.

About my practice

I practice neuroradiology and do image-guided procedures for all ages. I chose neuroradiology out of my love for the neurosciences and imaging technology. My subspecialty interest in spine and spine intervention fulfills my love of procedures and gives me a unique opportunity to interact with patients that I normally would not have as a radiologist. Collaborating with other neuroscience practitioners, including neurosurgeons and neurologists, helps me do my job to the best of my ability. I respect my patients as partners in their health care, and I listen to understand their questions and concerns.

How I thrive

Achieving a healthy work/life balance is important to me. I strive to separate the two parts of my life and focus on each individually at appropriate times. My family is the most important part of my life and time spent with them keeps me energized to do my professional job to the best of my ability.