About Me

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and went to college in Eugene. After college, my partner and I lived in Philadelphia for five years while I went to medical school and he went to physical therapy school. After our East coast experience, we moved to Northern California for my family medicine residency. We lived in Sonoma County for over eleven years. Though we loved the weather and the Bay Area, in 2010 we moved back to Portland in part so our boys could grow up closer to family.

About my practice

Prior to working for Kaiser Permanente, I worked in community health and in women's and reproductive health. I also taught family medicine residents and physician assistant students in California. I transitioned to Kaiser Permanente to improve my own work and non-work life balance. I enjoy working with entire families and people of all ages, including babies, kids and teens. I appreciate being part of an integrated system where people have access to specialty care and services designed to help folks live happier, healthier lives. Though not fluent, I speak Spanish and welcome Spanish speakers in my practice. I am comfortable working with interpreters and enjoy working with families from a variety of diverse backgrounds. I cherish getting to know patients and families over time. As a clinician I encourage and support people to do the best they can regarding their health and life choices and acknowledge that our "best" changes with time and sometimes by the day!

How I thrive

When not working I like to be outside and play with my family. I enjoy gardening, reading fiction and short nonfiction, listening to the radio, bright colors, things that sparkle and laughing.