About Me

Hello, my nickname is Katy. I'm glad to have this opportunity to present my credentials to you and share other information about myself.  It's very important that you feel comfortable with me as your child's physician, and I hope this page will help you get to know me.


I was raised in New Mexico, where I attended medical school.  I completed my residency in pediatrics in Denver and my specialty in pediatric emergency medicine in Phoenix.   With family in Southern California and an interest in providing outstanding pediatric care in this area, I relocated to San Diego in 2017.  I come from a large family and now have 2 daughters of my own who enjoy soccer and tennis.

About my practice

I have a strong interest in research and improving the quality of pediatric care.  I serve on several American Academy of Pediatrics quality committees aimed at improving pediatric care nationally, serve as a peer reviewer for several journals, and volunteer for San Diego's Injury Free Coalition for Kids and regional pediatric disaster preparedness.Pediatric medicine as a career offers a special opportunity to connect and help families in a meaningful way, through using medical skills and knowledge and also listening to families and responding to the special needs of children.  Being a pediatric doctor allows me to care for our most vulnerable population and a family’s greatest treasure.  It is a privilege to help families understand their concerns, translate what they may not understand, and facilitate the best care possible.  I feel honored that families have entrusted their children's care to me, and I strive to treat them as I would my own family.

How I thrive

Keeping balance in my life is important to me, but it can sometimes be difficult to accomplish.  Because I love my profession, I spend a good portion of my time volunteering to improve pediatric emergency care, but I also enjoy spending time with my children, horseback riding, and hiking. I try to set time aside weekly to just relax and learn about new subjects such as astronomy or ocean life.