About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself, and share a bit about my practice. I have practiced nephrology for 20 years.


I spent the first two years of my career in academia at the University of Cincinnati. I relocated to the Los Angeles area with my wife and three children in order to be closer to extended family. For my first three years of practice in Los Angeles, I worked part-time in order to be with my children, especially because our middle child has special needs. I was in private practice until I joined Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park in 2001. I want to understand my patients and their situations in as much depth as possible, so I go by the motto that going slower is faster in the long run. Working at Kaiser has given me opportunities to work on preventive care in ways that simply cannot happen in private practice. My greatest sense of meaning comes from helping patients to prevent or slow down complications of kidney disease.

About my practice

A special interest of mine has been working on the population systems at Kaiser Permanente that impact the care and prevention of chronic kidney disease. Increasingly, I have become convinced that a proper diet and exercise are such obvious and yet often elusive means for preventing and reversing many of the diseases confronting modern society.

How I thrive

Life balance is key to maintaining my own wellness. Family is my highest priority. We like walks, cooking, gardening, do-it-yourself projects, and reading. To stay fit, I train and participate in sprint triathlons. Exercise is an important source of energy that provides a boost for the day ahead. I enjoy music of all kinds and sing in my church choir, but I especially like the vocals on old standards from the 1950s.