About Me

After spending much of my life split between Alberta, Canada, and Louisville, Kentucky, moving to the Pacific Northwest was a big change. But having been here for so long, I am starting to feel like a local: I brave the drizzle without an umbrella, have learned to appreciate fine coffee, and have completed the Hood to Coast Relay! I feel very fortunate to be here with my family, taking advantage of all the area has to offer to keep us happy and healthy.

About my practice

I decided to work in medicine — specifically in internal medicine — because I enjoy working with people. I am given opportunities every day to provide education to my patients and colleagues, learn from them, and help highlight the important role we play in our own health-care plans. I feel very fortunate to help deliver great health care to the community that I love so much.

How I thrive

I find I am most at ease when I achieve balance in my life. For every long run, there is a movie night. For every cheeseburger, there is a salad. For every mess I make, there is one I clean up — eventually.