About Me

I have been a doctor since 1995 and have practiced gastroenterology since 2000. I trained at the University of Vermont, the Cleveland Clinic, and at Norfolk and Norwich hospitals in the United Kingdom. After working in private practice in Vermont and Hawaii, I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2008.

About my practice

Gastroenterology is so much more than colonoscopy. We diagnose and (non-surgically) treat disorders that affect the organs that process food and drink, from the food pipe to the bowels--including the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas--and address abdominal symptoms in general. We often use specialized cameras that allow us to work on the inside of the body. Gastrointestinal symptoms can be caused by illnesses that damage internal organs, such as stomach ulcers. Very often, however, symptoms result from abnormal organ or nerve function without tissue damage, so-called “functional disorders,” such as irritable bowel syndrome or chronic abdominal pain. The way the body turns food and drink into hairs, nails, and energy is a small miracle.

How I thrive

I am a firm believer that a simple and balanced physical, emotional, and spiritual life promotes good health. Stress is best treated with joy and a reduction of overload, especially from gadgets and people who take way more than they give. My family and I make time for rest and time for fun. We try to answer life's hard questions, play with the dogs, and try to make our fellow human beings' lives a little easier. Kindness trumps selfishness, forgiveness trumps grudges, soccer trumps football.