About Me

My family moved from Punjab, India in the 1960s to England, where I was born and raised. I was the first of my family to speak English and from a young age translated for my parents. I have an extreme love for football---known as soccer in the United States--cricket, table tennis and pool. I graduated medical school in Scotland in 2001 and moved to the States in 2003 where I began practicing medicine in an Urgent Care setting. The Northwest has similarities to where I grew up and makes for an incredible home.

About my practice

I work at Kaiser Permanente's Urgent Care departments throughout the Northwest region. I am fortunate to work in an excellent department staffed with some outstanding people. Philosophically, my practice is oriented toward connecting and educating people to help them make their decisions about care.

How I thrive

I am active both mentally and physically. I enjoy walking with my colleagues during our lunches, playing football with my friends and traveling. I love Science Fiction and movies such as Braveheart!. I love being around my kids and helping them realize how awesome they really are. Cooking is another passion. I try to learn something every day and am never disappointed.