About Me

I was born and raised in Chicago but have lived in Colorado since 1994. I am the Director of Medical Education and believe that my work in that space helps keep me up-to-date as a physician. The accomplishment I am most proud of are my three children, who have no doubt helped make me a better pediatrician! I really enjoy getting to know my patients and working together with them to make the most appropriate decisions. I love watching my patients grow and following them throughout childhood and adolescence.

About my practice

I have been practicing medicine for more than 20 years and feel so fortunate to have the privilege of caring for patients. I love being a pediatrician and cannot see myself in any other field in medicine. I have an open, honest style and believe in staying current in my practice by incorporating evidence-based medicine, shared decision making and providing appropriate guidance and resources to improve the health of my patients. I listen to my patient’s concerns, provide relevant information and use shared decision making with my patients and their parents to come up with the most appropriate treatment plans. I care for children of all ages from birth to adolescence.

How I thrive

Exercise, including yoga and running, is how I thrive! I love cooking, especially farm-to-table cuisine, and sitting down to family meals is my favorite part of the day.