About Me

I am East Coast-born, from Philadelphia, and am a graduate of Hahnemann Hospital’s registered nursing program. I come from a family of nurses—my mom, two sisters, and one brother all went into nursing. My husband and I came west almost 30 years ago to pursue adventure and follow his career—and we enjoyed it so much we stayed. I continued my nursing education at UC San Francisco, completing my master’s in cardiac nursing and then my adult nurse practitioner (ANP) degree. While vacationing in Oregon, we found the Northwest to be similar in many ways to the Philadelphia of our past and decided to move here. The seasons, the green, and, yes, the rain was more like home for us.

About my practice

My early nursing career was in intensive care, and with my focus in internal medicine and chronic conditions I feel well prepared to practice as an adult nurse practitioner at Kaiser Permanente. I have a geriatric certification from Oregon Health & Science University and love to help seniors and other adults prevent illness and stay healthy. I am most impressed by the "Greatest Generation" and have learned much from their wisdom. Kaiser Permanente's philosophy of prevention and wellness fits perfectly into my practice: I would rather prevent than treat illness.

How I thrive

I enjoy staying active and engaged in what life has to offer. I am a firm believer in exercise and healthy eating. My children grew up seeking out healthy vegetarian foods, and it has become our family's main diet now. Our daughter, an environmental science major and graduate of Oregon State University, helps the family to be good stewards of ourselves and the environment, and our son, a graduate of the University of Oregon and an applied math major, is equally impressive on his stewardship of what matters in the world. In my time off I enjoy riding my horse, Scooter. To challenge my creative side, I am teaching myself to play the piano. The West, it seems, has been a great influence on us all!