About Me

I was born in China. I moved to Atlanta in 2004 with my family and have been here ever since. I am the first to become a physician in my family. I chose medicine as a career because I believe this is where I can make the most positive impact on other people's lives.

About my practice

As a physician trained in osteopathic medicine, I believe in a holistic approach to every patient. This is also the reason why I chose to specialize in internal medicine, which requires a good understanding of all bodily systems. I am a big believer in disease prevention and healthy lifestyles.

How I thrive

Because of my belief in the power of healthy diet and lifestyle, I am always looking for the best way to live a healthy life. In my spare time, I like brainstorming new healthy recipes with family and friends and trying out new restaurants. I also enjoy hiking, yoga, and traveling to new places.