About Me

I am originally from Kansas where I grew up and attended Kansas State University. After getting married, my husband and I lived in Utah for the next 10 years while we continued our education and spent as much time in the mountains and the red rock desert as we could. I completed my masters degree in Nutrition as well as my medical degree at the University of Utah before moving to the Pacific Northwest where we have lived for over 10 years.

About my practice

I work as a clinic physician in a general pediatric practice in Hillsboro as well as a pediatric hospitalist for Kaiser Permanente at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland. My philosophy is that of prevention, and feel that a preventive health strategy is crucial to the well being of our children. I believe with sound nutrition, immunizations and early identification of developmental concerns, we can help our children achieve their full potential.

How I thrive

In my free time, I spend nearly every minute I can with my husband and my children. I also enjoy running, hiking, reading and cooking with my kids. A priority for our household is dinner together as many nights out of the week as we can.