About Me

I was raised on the East Coast, but moved to the Pacific Northwest twelve years ago and I now feel fortunate to call Portland home. I am married, with a five year old daughter who is the joy of my life and keeps me busy outside of work. My husband works in environmental policy and is very happy that I am finished with the long hours of residency training! My father encouraged my early interest in science with experiments recorded in "Jennie's science notebook". I declared I wanted to be a doctor at age five. In college, I majored in biology and American studies and cultivated an interest in public health and efforts to improve the health of populations. I worked on population health projects for five years before deciding that I would rather be sitting with patients individually in an exam room, partnering with them to improve their health. I started medical school at the age of 27, completed specialty training in Internal Medicine, and am now happy to be practicing primary care medicine at Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

I chose to specialize in Internal Medicine because I enjoy treating adults with a wide range of medical conditions. I chose primary care because I enjoy getting to know my patients over time and being able to help them with many different aspects of their health. I enjoy treating young adults and focusing on preventive health care and also older patients with multiple chronic conditions. In both populations, I aim to improve overall wellness. I partner with patients to support them in adopting healthier behaviors and lifestyles. For patients with chronic conditions, my focus is on listening to patients and prescribing wisely to help minimize the impact of illnesses and maximize quality of life.

How I thrive

I thrive when I feel healthy, so I am focused on improving my own health in several ways. I am learning to cook healthy foods for myself and my family, with my daughter as my kitchen assistant. I am recommitting to my fitness routine, after not making enough time for exercise during residency. I am also making time to go on dates with my husband and to attend a monthly book club with my friends. I am focusing more on enjoying the moment and less on my to-do list!