About Me

I was born in Taiwan and moved to Hawaii with my family when I was ten years old. Growing up in a beautiful environment full of the aloha spirit was wonderful, so while I enjoyed being away during undergraduate and medical school, I feel fortunate to have returned to Hawaii to practice medicine. My husband is a professor at a local community college and we treasure living here.

About my practice

The opportunity to build relationships with and treat a variety of people influenced my decision to practice medicine. I love getting to know my patients and establishing long-term connections with them, much as I might with a family member. Rather than identify my patients by their medical conditions, I strive to know them personally. My philosophy of care is to help my patients reach the highest quality of health and enjoyment in life as possible. I believe this is achievable when we have an open and honest relationship. Internal medicine is a rewarding field because it allows me to be the first-line provider for my patients, practicing preventive care with them and engaging them in their own role in health maintenance. I also appreciate that the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group’s foundation is based on prevention and that I have so many helpful colleagues to help me coordinate care for our members.

How I thrive

I try to maintain a healthy balance of work and play to help me stay mentally and physically fit. I also enjoy shopping, hanging out with my husband, and relaxing in the casual, warm ambiance of local coffee houses.