About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I'm happy to have a chance to introduce myself and share information that I think might be helpful to you. It is very important that you feel comfortable with your physician.


I was born and grew up in Hawaii, where I learned to value people and nature. Coming to Southern California for medical training allowed me to grow as a physician. Being a physician to me is a deeply rewarding experience and requires that I do my best with my abilities. I wanted to be physician from the time I was in high school, when my younger brother died of leukemia. I felt then and feel now a need to use my knowledge and abilities to help others in times of illness.

About my practice

I feel that keeping you healthy involves not only seeing you when are sick, but also taking an active role in encouraging preventive care. A person needs time to learn and adopt a healthy lifestyle. I want to be your partner in health. I believe communication, trust, and education are the keys to providing better care for you.

How I thrive

Total health involves creating balance in your life. I always find time in my busy schedule to run and to lift weights. It helps to clear my mind and keep me in good health. Reading a good book also introduces new ideas and motivates me with a fresh perspective.