About Me

Originally from northern New Jersey and having lived in upstate New York for 18 years, my family and I are now enjoying new adventures in Colorado and the Denver metro area. We are a family of four with two school-aged, very active, intelligent, engaging and sweet sons. My husband has been a registered nurse for more than 35 years. Although I have a master’s degree in toxicology, I decided to pursue medicine because of my experiences as a child with my father, an ob-gyn, and the ability to make meaningful human connections. I have been practicing family medicine since completing residency in 2003. I seek to make connections with my patients and help them find their best path to good health. I chose family medicine because knowing my patients and their families is an important part of good medicine. I also enjoy seeing patients of all ages and following each patient along their path of life. It is rewarding for me to guide patients through very difficult times, whether it be medical or social, and then hopefully help to bring those issues to resolution. I am proud that I have had many experiences during my practice as a family physician. Though some experiences have been challenging or difficult, each one has helped me to become a much stronger physician.

About my practice

I am a well-rounded family physician, having practiced in several different practices and settings. I enjoy working in partnership with my patient and as a team with specialists that may also be involved in your care. I prefer to open up the conversation with your concerns first. I am open and honest with patients and try to find my best communication style with each individual patient. I am a believer that listening fully to you and your concerns is the key to providing the best care. I enjoy seeing all age groups, both male and female. I have a special interest in women's care and gynecologic care. I keep up to date with the latest guidelines. I am always willing to learn from my patients, as well as new concepts in medical science and research.

How I thrive

I appreciate my time off with my family. We generally do everything together, including traveling and sports. We enjoy skiing, golfing, biking, hiking and camping. I also practice Iyengar yoga, which helps me to relax and focus as well as strengthen and stretch. I have lately enjoyed reading nonfiction history subjects but also read historical fiction and some science fiction. I like cooking for my family. I have not mastered baking, though I do want to learn to bake bread. I would like to become more involved in health and community-related volunteer work and to involve my children. Someday I would like to travel on a medical mission.