About Me

I have been fortunate to call the northwest my home and returned readily after my medical schooling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I found the study of family medicine the best means to satiate my curiosity about how things work. What was especially compelling about medicine was that it allowed me to feel more in control of my own life. If there is anything we all share it is a desire to have some sort of control over our lives! As a family physician I have the ability to give you a sense of control over your future health and help you regain some measure of control over the illnesses afflicting you.

About my practice

As I see it, my job as a family physician is to act as your personal "health and wellness coach". Yes, this is available to YOU, not just the rich and famous! Managing your health care is a joint-endeavor and it is my responsibility to find something that is realistic and is tailored to your life and needs. My goal is to help you understand how best to peserve good health and to come up with a plan together to dianose and treat any illnesses that may arise. I am especially interested in mental illness, women's health and geriatrics. I enjoy performing multiple procedures and I speak Spanish and conversational German. I think it is expecially important that I get to know you as a person so that I better understand what motivates you and what things are most important to you and your family.

How I thrive

My local family consists of thirty-odd farm animals rescued from abuse and neglect. They help keep my life balanced as I can return home from an intense day and revel in the simple pleasure they get in getting some carrots and a belly rub. When my family allows, I enjoy swimming, traveling overseas, and shopping for vintage clothes and hats. I spend hours valiantly fighting off weeds and pests from destroying my extensive garden. Most importantly, I firmly believe in the credo Carpe Diem ("Live for the day") and see every day as a good day to dress up and celebrate life!