About Me

Welcome to my Web page and to Kaiser Permanente’s South Bay Medical Center. I have practiced within this health care organization for more than half my life and have seen many changes in this time. Kaiser Permanente has grown into a high-quality, service-driven organization that wants very much to keep members happy and healthy. I feel our greatest strength is the personal concern and compassion of the people who work here, and I hope you will feel the same way.


I am originally from the Houston area and went to college at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin (hook ’em Horns!). My medical degree is from UT Southwestern Medical School at Dallas, and I did my internal medicine residency at UT San Antonio. The pace of life and friendliness of the people in Texas are wonderful, but it’s hard to beat the Southern California weather!

About my practice

In our group here, we are blessed to have some of the best and nicest staff at South Bay Medical Center, in my opinion. We like each other and help each other to take care of you.

How I thrive

Most people I meet are surprised to learn how hard physicians work and the long hours they must dedicate to caring for their practices. Keeping a healthy balance can be challenging! I enjoy being with my family, playing the guitar, and being out in the sun playing golf. And I believe that faith and spirituality are important in a person’s life. My next big challenge in life will be retirement, coming up soon. Wish me luck!