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Express sign on uses your work sign on to identify you when you use at the office. Signing on once gets you into all of our secure services. It's fast, convenient, and secure.

When you're not at work, sign on with a user ID and password you choose.

Express sign on is private. Your personal health information is protected by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so your employer cannot access your health information without your permission. When you're registering on or using, we protect your information as outlined in our Privacy Practices. More about our Privacy Practices.

Get connected faster
  • One-click access at work to routine appointments, prescription refills, and more
  • Streamlines your registration if you're new to
  • Checks your identity and updates your account information if you're already on
  • Sign on with your personalized ID and password from any computer
More about express sign on

More about express sign on

Q. How does express sign on work?

A. Express sign on uses information from your employer’s network to verify your identity. Then we link your work sign on with your account. (If you’re not registered on, this speeds up the registration process, so you can get access to secure online services sooner.)

Though your employer’s network securely sends information to us to verify your identity, Kaiser Permanente will never share your health information with your employer without your permission.

Q. Why should I use express sign on?

  • You save time. You don’t need to remember—or sign on with—another user ID and password at the office.
  • It’s secure. You have to sign on to your employer’s network successfully before you can view’s secure features.

Q. How do I sign on when I’m not at work?

A. Go to and sign on with the user ID and password you chose.

Q. Can I use express sign on if I already have a account?

A. Yes. When you enter your member information, we’ll check to see if you already have a account. We’ll link your work sign on to your account. We may also ask you to update any outdated information in our records.

You can use your existing account to sign on when you’re not at work.

Q. Do I have to use express sign on?

A. No. Just choose "No thanks. I'd rather sign on to directly." Then you can:

  • register on if you don't have an account
  • sign on with your user ID and password

You'll need to sign on to every time you'd like to use our secure features.