Chiropractic care


for members in Oregon and Washington

A strong, healthy back supports you in everything you do, and it's one of the keys to an active lifestyle.

Don't let back pain slow you down.

If you're an Oregon or Washington member with aches and pains — or if you're looking to improve your fitness — call one of our participating chiropractors.

If your coverage includes our chiropractic benefit, you are covered for:

  • treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, including evaluation and management
  • X-rays
  • manipulations
  • physiotherapy modalities (such as hot and cold packs)

Getting care won't slow you down, either.

You don't need a referral, and you pay your copayment directly to your chiropractor. If your chiropractor orders X-rays, you pay the same copay like you would at one of our facilities.

What's not covered?

To be covered by your Kaiser Permanente chiropractic benefit in Oregon or Washington, you must get care from a chiropractor who is located in our service area and is part of The CHP Group network.

Some services are not covered, even if they are ordered by a plan chiropractor, including the following:

  • nonstandard radiological procedures (such as MRI scans)
  • laboratory services
  • durable medical equipment
  • supplies for use in your home (even if your plan covers these services when ordered by a Kaiser Permanente physician)

Need more information?

If you're an Oregon or Washington member with questions about your chiropractic benefit, please contact Member Services.

If you're a member from any other region with questions about chiropractic care coverage, go to Understanding my coverage and scroll down to your service area for details.

This is only a summary for members in Oregon and Washington. It does not fully describe your benefit coverage.

For members outside of Oregon and Washington, go to Understanding my coverage for details on your access to chiropractic care.

For details on your benefit coverage, exclusions, and plan terms, please refer to applicable Fact Sheet, Medical and Hospital Service Agreement, Kaiser Permanente Group Plan, and Riders (collectively known as the "Service Agreement"). The Service Agreement is the legal binding document between Health Plan and its members. In event of ambiguity, or a conflict between this summary and the Service Agreement, the Service Agreement shall control.

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