Your emotional well-being


Your emotional well-being is an important part of your total health. Use these tools to spot signs of depression, get a sense of how you handle stress, and understand how well you adapt to change.

Get a personalized stress reduction plan

Relax delivers a customized plan to manage the symptoms and health issues related to stress.

Are you depressed?

Photo of a couple smilingThis tool can help you assess your symptoms and find out if you might have depression. It calculates how many common symptoms of depression you have and — based on your answers — suggests where you might be on a scale from not depressed to depressed.

Although this tool is not for diagnosis, it may help you find out whether you should seek help from your doctor or another care provider.

Find out whether you may have depression.

What is your stress level?

Major life changes, both positive and negative, are some of the biggest causes of stress. This tool gauges your stress level based on the number of life changes you have had recently.

Measure your stress level.

How well do you bounce back?

This tool measures your resiliency — your ability to bounce back from stressful situations. People who are resilient recover quickly from major changes, illness, or losses without being overwhelmed or acting in ways that hurt themselves or loved ones.

Learn how well you recover from stressful events.

Reviewed by: Mark Groshek, MD, April 2016

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Am I depressed?

Take our depression self-assessment and explore care options.