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Photo of Peter J. Cvietusa, MD

Peter J. Cvietusa, MD

My specialty: ? Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

My gender: ? Male

Languages I speak: ? English

About me

I am one of those transplants from California, though having lived in Colorado for 25 years now, I consider myself a native. I came out here to do my training in Pediatrics. I received further training in Allergy and Immunology problems from National Jewish Hospital and I have been working at Kaiser Permanente since 1994. My wife and I have a charming daughter who keeps us on our toes.

About my practice

Practicing in the field of allergic diseases I have learned that you need to have an open mind about all the possible explanations for a particular event or set of symptoms. I love exploring with the patient the possible causes for their symptoms and coming up with a plan that works best for them. I particularly enjoy educating patients about allergic diseases. It is often a lifelong issue that requires a good partnership.

How I thrive

Like many, I struggle with maintaining healthy habits but know that when I get regular exercise and eat right, I feel much better. I feel blessed to live in an environment where getting exercise regularly can be so pleasurable. I love to ski, run, bike and hike.

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