Dad wisdom

Dads are just as important to children as moms. You play a major part in your children's lives, even if you can't see them every day. Kids with dads who participate in their lives:

  • do better in school
  • get in less trouble
  • make more money as adults

Being a dad and raising kids doesn't take a special degree or lots of money. It takes open communication, a willingness to set limits, and lots of love.

Get involved

There are lots of ways to spend time with your kids:

  • help chaperone a school trip
  • read together
  • coach a Little League team
  • play games or sports together


Man hiking with his kidsYou may be your kids' role model, but they may not follow in your footsteps, so think about their interests and strengths. You may be a great soccer coach, but if your kid wants to take dance classes, help plan a recital or find costumes.

Does your teen spend nights reading? Consider reading the same books and talking about them. Is your teen more interested in video games then sports? Ask your child to teach you how to play.

Teach healthy habits

Remember, the habits you teach stay with them long after they've grown up. Get information and tools to help your children develop healthy habits.

Reviewed by: Craig Robbins, MD, November 2018

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