The beauty of health

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Beautiful bodies come in many shapes, sizes, and ages.

Mind over beauty

Do you have a realistic view of your size and shape and feel comfortable with your body? If you're feeling unsatisfied, awkward, or anxious about your body, you may have a distorted view of yourself. These negative feelings can affect your health and wellness.

Having negative feelings about your body can lead to health problems such as anxiety, depression, unhealthy dieting, and in extreme cases, eating disorders. If you have a negative body image and it's causing problems, explore our classes and workshops or find mental health services near you.

A healthy weight

Weight causes many women to feel unhappy about their bodies, sometimes because they feel they should wear a certain clothing size or style.

Clothes, however, aren't a reliable measure of a healthy body. Before you decide you need to lose or gain weight, find out the healthy weight range for your height using our body mass index calculator.

If you're overweight, even a small amount of weight loss can make a big difference in your health and how you feel. Learn how exercise and smart food choices can help you look your best, lose weight, and keep it off.

Nipping and tucking

Sometimes women feel self-conscious about their skin or a particular body part. An active lifestyle that includes exercise, a good diet, and a healthy dose of sunscreen can keep you looking and feeling great at any age.

However, cosmetic surgery and other nonsurgical treatments are becoming more popular. For some women, these procedures can be a good choice, but they can carry potential risks, too. Learn about these procedures to see whether they're right for you. You can also check the services offered in your area and attend an educational seminar.

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